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Executive Development Programs
People in the organization. Transformation of HR-system
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6 modules in 3 days + project protection
90000 uah
People in the organization. Transformation of HR-system
Training for HR managers and HR directors who want to bring the work of people in the company to the system level
Program's Target Audience:
Business owners who realize that systematic HR work is based on the close interaction between the leader and HRD
HRDs who want to build a future-oriented HR system so as to respond quickly to constant change and challenges
HR-managers who want to create systematic HR mechanisms that would not involve micromanagement
The Program provides:
How does an HR specialist identify real business challenges and pinpoint the needs?
How to build a Human Capital strategy aimed at achieving a company’s goals in terms of strategy, finance, market, etc.?
How to build systematic HR operations so as not to suffer from personnel shortages or conflicts?
What employees are needed in a company during these turbulent times, for what roles and tasks?
How to unite a team around challenges and be flexible and independent in times when everything is changing?
How to deal with team motivation and recruit and retain essential employees?
The structure of the program
Learning Conditions

Training takes place at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School. Participants from other cities can join the class online.

The Program consists of 6 modules.

Each module is three full days from 10:00 to 17:30, when we study cases, learn new management approaches, work in mini-groups on homework, and do mini-projects for our companies.


The program consists of the following modules:

1. Strategy and goals of a company November 12-14

2. Human Capital Strategy December 17-19

3. Performance and Remuneration Management January 14-16

4. Corporate culture and internal communications February 11-13

5. Selection and adaptation systems. Employer brand March 11-13

6. Performance management. Building training systems April 8-10

Module 2
Strategy in HR
December 12-14

  • Business as a system. System approach. Goals and strategy of a business. Company life cycle.
  • How HR influences company development. What is the role of HR in a business and who is its client?
  • HR system at different stages of a company development.

Module 3
Performance and reward management
January 9-11

  • HR system architecture.
  • Relationship between business strategy and HR strategy. Building HR strategy depending on the maturity of the company: focus and challenges.
  • Strategic map of goals. KPI and their selection criteria.
  • Introduction to HR analytics. Metrics and goals in HR. What can and should be measured? What are the challenges of HR analytics?
  • Building an HR team. When a group of people becomes a team. Team evolution and types of leadership.
  • Maturity levels of roles. Personnel management and development by maturity level.
  • Relation of strategy to corporate values.
  • Fundamentals of management. Manager's role, maturity, functions, and competencies. Approach to the role and competencies of the manager in modern businesses. Difference between managerial role and other roles.

Module 3
Performance and reward management
December 22-24

  • Building an organizational structure based on a process-oriented approach. Design and analysis of business processes. Personnel management based on business processes.
  • Roles in the processes. The concept of role: soft & hard. Planning, metrics, assessing, and managing employee performance based on role standard.
  • Remuneration management. The main components of the remuneration process. Estimating methods, efficiency and cost of the remuneration package.
  • Grading as the basis for building a remuneration package. Grading technologies. Grade tables and job evaluation.
  • Management of the reward system. Communication with strategy, taking into account internal and external risks. Types of remunerations. Psychological aspects of the reward system.
  • Personnel engagement management. Analysis of employee satisfaction.

Corporate culture and internal communications
January 27-29

  • Methods of staff involvement.
  • Relation of selection to HR strategy. Personnel needs planning. Role profile as the basis of selection.
  • Methods of candidate diagnosis. Competency selection. Approaches, methods, analytics. Approaches to developing an assessment center.
  • Orientation, adaptation, internship. Adaptation methods and methods. Mentoring.

Module 5
Selection and adaptation systems. Employer brand
February 24-26

  • Methods of employee involvement.
  • Relation of selection to HR strategy. Personnel needs planning. Role profile as the basis of HR selection.
  • Methods of candidate diagnostics. Competency selection. Approaches, methods, and analytics. Approaches to developing an assessment center.
  • Orientation, adaptation, and internship. Adaptation methods. Mentoring.

Performance Management and Staff Training
March 24-26

  • Basics of performance management based on results and competencies. Assessment methods. The role of managers in performance management.
  • Evaluation measures to diagnose employee potential. Evaluation matrix.
  • How to link the reward system to the rating system.
  • Employee performance management. Monitoring and mentoring. Coaching culture.
  • Approaches to employee training and development. Learning system: technology of its construction, elements, goals, and objectives.
  • HR trends.

Yaroslava Loyanich more details
Adjunct professor
Maryna Starodubska more details
Adjunct professor
Olga Shcherbyna more details
Adjunct professor
Oksana Srebrodolska more details
Petro Chornomorets more details
Visiting professor
Mаріанна Хоніна more details
Євген Бондаренко more details
Vladyslava Kanevska more details
Visiting professor
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